Focus & Commit

A targeted fitness goal might be hard to achieve without a strategic approach. A robust plan that exclusively focuses on your body type and endurance level ensures optimum results in a minimum time span.

Esthetic Glaze is a set of comprehensive plans tactically tailored by industry professionals to suit the needs of every fitness aspirant with varied fitness targets. Register with us and get instant access to a range of guided tutorials, workout regimen, nutrition plans and motivational programs that helps you modify and pace up your practice, fueling your journey towards your goal.

Catering To Your Wellness

We partner your fitness journey with our comprehensive fitness plan that inspires you to achieve your fitness target in 16 weeks and sustain it forever.

Experience A Holistic Transformation

Take your fitness levels a notch higher and attain targeted health goals right at home without expensive gym memberships.

  • Fitness Dietary ideas & dynamic exercise routine helps stay fit & active.
  • Weight LossExercise routines tailored to help individuals get in shape.
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  • Wellness LifestyleAn assortment of tips, and practices for a balanced and holistic approach to well-being.